Data Strategy

by Jason Williscroft

HotQuant received a statement of work to provide training on the MEDM platform to the Company’s data management team. Once onsite, it became clearly evident that the client already had a strong technical team in place who already had an excellent grasp of the capabilities of the platform. From the line of questioning, it was determined that what the client actually needed was some expert help in defining the Company’s overall data strategy, and to determine which elements in their universe of data may fit into the Master Reference Data Management mold.

HotQuant engineers were able to quickly redefine the goals of the engagement, and performed a holistic discovery exercise with the client to help determine what those elements may be, and to define what the sources may be for each of those elements.

At the end of the two-week engagement, the client had a strong roadmap on how to organize their organizations data, as well as a model solution in place on MEDM to work from as they built out their Master Reference Data Management entities.

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