Hello Again, World!

by Jason Williscroft

After many months of planning, design, and implementation, we are very proud to announce the launch of our new website!

Of course a website is really just the tip of any corporate iceberg. The redesign of our website was far more than a cosmetic facelift: it actually represented a complete review and refactor of HotQuant’s core business model and offerings.

Over the years, all of us at HotQuant have been more or less continuously engaged with our professional services clients. At times we have collaborated on projects, and at others we have each served multiple clients, often in very different capacities. Through it all, we developed a raft of practices and tools that were individually very effective but often not compatible across projects.

The new website presented an opportunity to take a step back from the dusty fray and gain a little perspective on HotQuant’s inventory of practices and tools. Here’s what we did:

  • We performed a comprehensive retrospective on every project and every client: what worked, what didn’t, and why.
  • We rationalized the parts that worked into a set of six practice areas that we call The HotQuant Toolkit.
  • We created a roadmap for the automation and integration of Toolkit elements into our flagship software platform, hqTools.
  • We crafted a menu of consulting services—workshops, assessments, and implementations—that support the application of the HotQuant Toolkit to your institution’s Data Management challenges.

So what is the benefit of all this work to you, our customer?

HotQuant has always brought a unique perspective to the Data Management marketplace: we are software engineers, and we treat Data Management problems first and foremost as software engineering problems. Previously, HotQuant has applied that perspective to clients individually, solving each problem within that client’s unique context.

  • How do we rationalize and automate the process of Data Management system design?
  • How do we eliminate manual testing?
  • How do we decouple the application layer from the data layer when the application layer intrudes into the database?
  • How do we stop reinventing the wheel and focus on functionality unique to the business?
  • How do we assure data quality without destroying performance?
  • How do we achieve true Continuous Delivery in Data Management?

In this iteration, HotQuant has largely solved each of these problems, and has automated elements of many of them. The resulting practices and tools compose the HotQuant Toolkit and drive our various consulting offerings, and we would be delighted to have an opportunity to share them with you!

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