Why HotQuant?Our Approach

Our Approach

Data Management (DM) implementations are resistant to design.

Requirements exist at many levels. In DM, the lower-level ones in particular are numerous and dynamic. Keeping a detailed design in sync with both requirements and build rapidly becomes impossible as project complexity grows. This is precisely the point where a business begins to lose influence over the outcome of its very expensive DM project.

Design is the critical connection between what the business wants and what the development team delivers. It is not an optional step. Every component, every configuration, every line of code is subject to design; the question is whether that design is written down someplace where people can see it all and wrangle over it, or whether it exists only in pieces, in the private space between every developer’s ears.

At HotQuant we have strong opinions on the topic of design, which we apply to every problem we solve, at every level. Here are the Seven Principles of Good Design:

  • Good design has nothing to hide. Therefore it is written down and subject to review.
  • Good design imposes order on complexity. Therefore simplicity and modularity are hallmarks of good design.
  • Good design does something valuable. Therefore good design articulates requirements at the business level.
  • Good design is straightforward to build. Therefore good design articulates requirements at the level of implementation.
  • Good design is internally consistent. Therefore the requirements articulated by good design are in sync across every level.
  • Good design validates itself. Therefore good design expresses tests against every requirement, at every level.
  • Good design can be delivered efficiently. Therefore the process of design—and the machine that delivers it—are also subject to design.

The final principle is the key: the process of design is also subject to design. HotQuant’s design methodology—refined over many Data Management implementations—reliably produces systems that satisfy the principles above, powered by tools that eliminate procedural bottlenecks, enforce good practices, and ensure that the needs of the business are met.

This is the HotQuant Toolkit: a set of practices and tools that enforce the Seven Principles of Good Design and overcome obstacles to business utility, development velocity, and code quality that are intrinsic to Data Management. The HotQuant Toolkit comprises the following elements:

  • hqSpec is an iterative methodology for designing Data Management systems, from business requirements, through architecture, all the way to low-level requirements and project estimation. It is supported by powerful automation and custom tools.
  • hqTest is an approach to testing hybrid, distributed systems, which enables true Test-Driven Development within the context of Data Management. hqTest is fully supported by the hqTools software platform.
  • hqStore is the data layer for your Data Management system: self-contained, stable across any and all design changes, supporting interface-based design and dependency inversion across an implementation, and able to produce order-of-magnitude improvements in historical storage and query performance.
  • hqRule is your Data Management system’s classification engine. This set of implementation patterns reduces any classification requirement—from simple country codes to complex asset classes—to an exercise in configuration.
  • hqFlow keeps time latency low and data quality high by empowering Data Management teams with out-of-the-box business process definition and exception management that integrate seamlessly with your platforms of choice. Why reinvent the wheel?
  • hqBuild is the answer to the problem of Continuous Delivery in Data Management. Release high-quality code into production in hours instead of weeks.

How can your organization exploit the HotQuant Toolkit?

Engage with HotQuant. We’ll take some time to understand the Data Management landscape that is unique to your business. Then we will recommend elements of the HotQuant Toolkit that will produce the most dramatic impact within a short span of time, and discuss with you how to implement them.

Purchase hqTools. hqTools is the software platform where the HotQuant Toolkit meets enterprise-grade automation. hqTools currently implements hqTest, enabling true Test-Driven Development and fully automated regression testing, in every Data Management use case, for development teams of any size.