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hqRule is the business rules engine for Data Management teams who would rather focus on the features that make their business unique.

Here’s how to use it.

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hqRule is a rules engine for mapping or deriving data attribute values based on configurable business rules. The engine runs on SQL Server as a CLR assembly, and can easily be integrated into a larger product or process.

With hqRule, you can…

  • Define Results that are as simple or as complex as required, from a simple list of country or currency codes to a deeply hierarchical asset classification scheme.
  • Create Rules that express a broad range of logic, from the simple to the very complex. Rules that operate against a hierarchy can be defined progressively, meaning each level of the hierarchy inherits the Rules associated with the levels above it.
  • Define an independent Ruleset for each distinct mapping use case.
  • Process millions of rows of data in a single operation, in seconds, by calling a single function right from your SQL code.
  • Put Rule creation and maintenance into configuration space by building a simple user interface over the hqRule table set. Change existing Rules or create new ones right in your production environment, without deploying a single line of new code!

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