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hqRule is the business rules engine for Data Management teams who would rather focus on the features that make their business unique.

Here’s how to use it.

Installing hqRule

Yell for help!

Installing hqRule is very easy:

  • Run the Client_DB installation script in the database from which you will be calling the evaluation function (usually the same database where your data lives)
  • Run the Server_DB installation script in the database that will house your Rulesets (could be the same as Client_DB, but doesn’t have to be).
  • Create a new website in IIS and unzip the WebUI archive into its root directory. (This is for the management UI.¬†Click here to test-drive it!)
  • Edit appsettings.json in the website root directory and add the Server_DB database connection string where indicated.

The following requirements must be met prior to running the database installation script:

  • CLR must be enabled on the SQL Server instance where Client_DB is installed.
  • You must have dbo permissions on the Client_DB database.