Our Partners

EDM Council – DCAM

The Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) was created on a collaborative basis by the members of the EDM Council as a standard set of evaluation criteria for measuring data management capability.  DCAM documents 37 capabilities and 115 sub-capabilities associated with the development of a sustainable data management program.


NuWare provides exceptional thought leadership to every industry, with particular expertise in subscription-based e-commerce and financial services enterprises. The Markit EDM- and MongoDB-certified staff is complemented by leadership with hands-on, C-level experience in these in markets, which results in context-rich service and strategic insights unavailable elsewhere.

IHS Markit

Markit EDM is a data management platform that acquires, validates and distributes trade, operational, risk, finance and customer data. It creates a single, version of the truth in a consistent, fully audited environment. Firms benefit from greater control, ongoing compliance and transparency of their data.


The EDM Council is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association founded by the financial industry to elevate the practice of data management as a business and operational priority.  The Council is a leading advocate for the development and implementation of data content standards and the publication of data management best practices.

futuredata consulting

FutureDATA is a vetted network of highly experienced independent consultants. Our consulting delivery model rides the wave of the exploding independent contractor marketplace.  Our vetting process ensures selection of the right talent to meet the unique needs of the client.