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Whether you need consulting services for any stage of the development cycle, or software tools to automate and improve results, HotQuant’s comprehensive solution portfolio has what you need.

Best Practices & Software Tools

  • hqSpec is an iterative methodology for designing Data Management systems, from business requirements, through architecture, all the way to low-level requirements and project estimation. It is supported by powerful automation and custom tools.
  • hqTest is an approach to testing hybrid, distributed systems, which enables true Test-Driven Development within the context of Data Management. hqTest is fully supported by the hqTools software platform.
  • hqStore is the data layer for your Data Management system: self-contained, stable across any and all design changes, supporting interface-based design and dependency inversion across an implementation, and able to produce order-of-magnitude improvements in historical storage and query performance.
  • hqRule is your Data Management system’s classification engine. This set of implementation patterns reduces any classification requirement—from simple country codes to complex asset classes—to an exercise in configuration.
  • hqFlow keeps time latency low and data quality high by empowering Data Management teams with out-of-the-box business process definition and exception management that integrate seamlessly with your platforms of choice. Why reinvent the wheel?
  • hqBuild is the answer to the problem of Continuous Delivery in Data Management. Release high-quality code into production in hours instead of weeks.

Hands-On Consulting

  • Workshops
  • Assessments
  • Implementations