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Our team is committed to improving the DM experience Having played a key role in successful implementations for many of the largest financial services companies in the U.S., our leadership team knows what it takes to minimize the complexity, risks and costs of high-profile data management projects.

Jason Williscroft

Founder & Chief Engineer

I am obsessed with data.

In 1995, my capstone engineering project at the United States Naval Academy produced an autonomous robot capable of sensing and exploring complex terrain at an alarmingly rapid pace. I co-founded a hedge fund in 2000 that leveraged the same set of algorithms to navigate dynamic equity market conditions based on real-time data. In 2005 I engineered a navigation system that consumed signals emitted by radio pulsars in deep space and leveraged them to produce real-time position and velocity fixes: Nature’s GPS. In 2010 I applied a synthetic metallurgical model to solve the Post-Trade Allocation problem, replacing a maddeningly slow and imprecise trading-floor process with one that runs almost instantaneously and produces an optimal answer, every time.

Each of these achievements leveraged a set of core design principles that I absorbed in the world of hard engineering—where ideas must make their peace with physical law—and carried with me into software, where even hard constraints are variable and abstractions are as real as hammers and tongs:

  • Good design has nothing to hide. Therefore it is written down and subject to review.
  • Good design imposes order on complexity. Therefore simplicity and modularity are hallmarks of good design.
  • Good design does something valuable. Therefore good design articulates requirements at the business level.
  • Good design is straightforward to build. Therefore good design articulates requirements at the level of implementation.
  • Good design is internally consistent. Therefore the requirements articulated by good design are in sync across every level.
  • Good design validates itself. Therefore good design expresses tests against every requirement, at every level.
  • Good design can be delivered efficiently. Therefore the process of design—and the machine that delivers it—are also subject to design.

In 2011 I stepped from trading operations into the world of Data Management (DM). I was astonished to discover a high-stakes engineering landscape populated almost exclusively by non-engineers: bread-and-butter principles of software engineering were virtually unknown, and complexity rampaged unchecked, indeed mostly unacknowledged. Failure was the default outcome of most DM projects, regardless the stakes. The nascent DM industry was desperately in need of an overhaul.

This was the genesis of HotQuant. Over several years and many high-stakes projects, my team has articulated and refined the operating principles, conceptual models, implementation methods, and tools that together comprise the HotQuant Toolkit: the first (and so far the only) rational approach to the design, implementation, and delivery of DM systems, valid in any data domain and on every implementation platform.

HotQuant is the expression of my obsession. My home is in Chicago and I live wherever your data take me.

Adam Roderick


Everyone understands the possibilities of data. I will help you realize them. Data Management (DM) is slow, overly complicated, and monolithic. I will change that for you.

Since the early growth of the web in the 90’s, I have designed and built software for huge enterprises, small startups, and everything in between. I pioneered the early days of AJAX and online payment gateways, started a recruiting company with machine-learning matchmaking, built a video analytics platform, ran an Inc 5000 Fasted Growing Company, and worked on many enterprise and commercial products.

One lesson stands out: it is all about the data. Every app, system, user interface, API or web site I have ever built is about capturing, managing, or analyzing data. Every company I have advised is trying to use data to make better business decisions or improve a customer’s experience. From joining HotQuant as a partner in 2015, my main responsibilities are to oversee product development and sales.

Earlier in life, I served a two-year proselyting mission in Argentina, then earned a Master’s degree from BYU’s Marriott School of Management: a splendid mix of business and technology. My wife and I then headed straight to beautiful Colorado. Now our 5 daughters keep us more than busy as we explore the mountains and work on the hobby farm.

Matt Cutter


My passion is data.

Whether it be putting together a data quality strategy and building the system to manage it, analyzing a mosaic of atomic data elements to identify larger trends or patterns, or designing and implementing a data governance program for our clients, I am in my element.

It is what I do. It is who I am.

After graduating from Colorado State University in 1993, I proudly served in the United States Army as a paratrooper in the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. Since that time, I have built my career working on projects centered in Data Management and application development.

I enjoy working with our clients and the unique set of challenges each one of them faces. What sets HotQuant apart is our ability to apply our core principles and method to any of those challenges to arrive at an optimal result.

I reside in Colorado with my wife and two young daughters. In my off time, I enjoy any outdoor sport and spending time with the family.