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The HotQuant Toolkit

Data Governance Organization policy is only as effective as the Data Management systems that implement it. Selecting an DM system development platform is just the first step along the road to solid data management. The toughest problems remain to be solved:

  • Specify, precisely and unambiguously, what to build. Revisit daily.
  • Design for optimal code quality, development velocity, and testability.
  • Deliver a thoroughly-tested implementation, under budget and ahead of schedule.
  • Respond rapidly to defects and new requirements.
  • Reveal new insights to the business in user-acceptable time-frames. Like, right now!

The HotQuant Toolkit supports the design, implementation, and operation of Data Management systems. With the HotQuant Toolkit, a DM team can better leverage the strengths of their DM implementation platform—ANY platform—and guarantee that the system the developers build is the system that management intended.

The HotQuant Toolkit

  • Empowers low-level requirements specification and tracking with a powerful design framework and expressive visual tools.
  • Encourages design practices that maximize development velocity and code testability.
  • Streamlines the translation of low-level requirements into code and manages the blast area of code changes.
  • Enables thoroughly modern unit testing of any data transformation process.
  • Maintains the history of the EDM data store and exposes it to ad-hoc query, visual exploration and data lineage analysis, and retention policy management.

If your company is eager to learn, HotQuant is ready to help, teach and provide advice. You'll be able to soak up HotQuant’s advice, just like we do.

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Inside The Box

The HotQuant Toolkit is a set of practices and tools that enforce the principles of good design and overcome obstacles to business utility, development velocity, and code quality that are intrinsic to Data Management. The HotQuant Toolkit comprises the following elements:

  • hqSpec is an iterative methodology for designing Data Management systems, from business requirements, through architecture, all the way to low-level requirements and project estimation. It is supported by powerful automation and custom tools.
  • hqTest is an approach to testing hybrid, distributed systems, which enables true Test-Driven Development within the context of Data Management. hqTest is fully supported by the hqTools software platform.
  • hqStore is the data layer for your Data Management system: self-contained, stable across any and all design changes, supporting interface-based design and dependency inversion across an implementation, and able to produce order-of-magnitude improvements in historical storage and query performance.
  • hqRule is your Data Management system’s classification engine. This set of implementation patterns reduces any classification requirement—from simple country codes to complex asset classes—to an exercise in configuration.
  • hqFlow keeps time latency low and data quality high by empowering Data Management teams with out-of-the-box business process definition and exception management that integrate seamlessly with your platforms of choice. Why reinvent the wheel?
  • hqBuild is the answer to the problem of Continuous Delivery in Data Management. Release high-quality code into production in hours instead of weeks.