What if you could deploy new code into production in hours instead of weeks?

hqBuild enables true Continuous Delivery in Data Management. It is platform-independent, able to tie together the capabilities of any set of tools that automate the critical components of Continuous Delivery: test, build, and version control.

hqBuild: Delivery at Scale

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hqBuild is a templated approach to DevOps for Data Management implementations. Release new features sooner and with more confidence. Thrill your business partners and stakeholders by increasing your agility, reliability, and quality.

Any Data Management system that shows promise in its early stages will quickly receive many demands from a business hungry for the benefits of good Data Management. Manual testing and deployment practices fail to keep a pace necessary to deliver on the accelerating needs of the enterprise. A manual process takes too long, is error prone, and distracts everyone from focusing on new requirements.

hqBuild is a ground-up implementation of everything you need to move to Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) for Data Management systems. hqBuild comes with the templates, tooling, and training for your team to successfully automate testing and deployment.

Features include:

  • Configuration of a build management tool such as TeamCity, TFS, or Bamboo
  • The HotQuant CI/CD process template applied to your organization
  • HotQuant’s library of automation scripts
  • Database cloning for rapid backups and restores
  • Sample deployments based on your team’s source code
  • Documentation and video training

Welcome to the Present

Automation breeds automation.

By 2008, automated test and build were ubiquitous within most sectors of the software industry. At the Agile conference that year, Andrew Clay Shafer and Patrick Debois discussed Agile Infrastructure: a theoretical mashup of these and other software delivery technologies, eliminating friction and enabling not weekly, not daily, but continuous production releases. They predicted order-of-magnitude improvements in delivery velocity and code quality. Within a year DevOps was a growing industry, quickly inventing Continuous Integration (CI) and then wrapping it into the more comprehensive Continuous Delivery (CD) process. Schafer and Debois were right on the money: in 2017, it is rare for mission-critical software to be built anywhere without some sort of CD infrastructure in place.

An exception to this rule is in the Data Management industry.

DevOps is a mashup of enabling automation technologies. Processes in Data Management are at once highly parallel and highly distributed across networks. Automated test and build techniques that work well in most cases are useless within the context of Data Management software development, so critical pieces of the DevOps puzzle are missing.

Meanwhile, for historical reasons the construction of Data Management systems has largely been left to business professionals for whom software development is a second skill. These people have generally not been aware of the rising DevOps trend, so when processes and tools to facilitate DevOps in Data Management failed to emerge, it was largely because nobody had asked for them.

hqBuild is a process and a growing set of automated tools that enable true Continuous Delivery in Data Management. It is entirely platform-independent, able to leverage and tie together the capabilities of any set of tools that are valid in a Data Management context and automate the critical components of Continuous Delivery: test, build, and version control.

hqBuild turbocharges the delivery toolbox you already have.