What if Data Quality weren't an issue?

hqFlow is a simple, flexible, scalable solution to manage your data quality issues as they occur. It plugs into your existing data management platform, routes exceptions to the right person for resolution, and protects the integrity of your master data.

Manage data quality issues in real time

Tell me more!

What happens when you get bad data? How do you recognize it? How do you resolve it consistently and efficiently?

hqFlow identifies issues in data as it flows in, notifies the assigned party for resolution, and ties in simply to your existing data pipelines.

  • Know where every issue came from and why it was raised
  • Immediately recognize data exceptions when they occur
  • Plug hqTools into your existing EDM or MDM platform
  • Use the web dashboard for easy filtering and searching
  • Track trends and outliers using the data quality reports

Engage your Data Stewards

hqFlow helps you engage your data stewards in truly owning and managing their data. When a data exception happens, it routes to the assigned data steward or group for resolution.

Data stewards can access the Data Exception Dashboard to search, filter, and manage their assigned exceptions. Management can see status of current or closed exceptions, and a comment history to see how specific issues were handled.

Customize everything!

Every organization views things a little differently. hqFlow ships with dozens of exception codes and a standard workflow predefined. You can use these, or your can create your own exception codes, workflows, groups, and routing rules.

See reports and trends

Putting out fires is one thing, but management wants to see how things are improving over time. Data visualizations and reports cover the full history of your data exception management.


Plug in to your existing data management system

hqFlow plugs in to most modern data management systems, so you can adopt it without disrupting anything.

It’s like supercharging your existing process.