What if you could meet changing requirements?

hqSpec is the most effective method of producing a Data Management system design, managing its implementation, and iterating across frequent changes in both requirements and project scope. Data Management systems built with hqSpec just work.

hqSpec: Success by Design

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Your data and the processes that depend on it are as unique as your business. So it is tempting to believe that designing and building your Data Management (DM) system will require a unique approach.

This is a true statement exactly nowhere else in the engineering world. There are well-established methods for designing antennas, bridges, cars, dishwashers, engines, fortifications, gear trains, houses, igloos, and jumbo jets: really anything that has been built more than once by the same people has got a design method attached to it. There is a powerful methodology around designing software of any kind. Often methods compete, and arguments over them produce better methods, improved designs, and epic personality conflicts.

A good method produces designs that provide great value, and are easy to build and efficient to deliver. Good methods take the guesswork out of design. Good methods minimize risk, because good methods WORK.

Effective on Purpose

hqSpec is the most effective method of producing a DM system design, managing its implementation, and iterating both across frequent changes in requirements and project scope. DM systems built to hqSpec just work… and they keep working, even while they change.

hqSpec is efficient. Much of hqSpec is supported by automation and custom software tools, which are becoming more capable and more integrated over time. DM systems built to hqSpec come online quickly and respond rapidly to changing requirements.

hqSpec is flexible. At the heart of hqSpec is a very general model that describes the movement and transformation of data. If a DM system’s requirements can be represented in this model–whatever its data domain or complexity–then hqSpec can design it and get it built.

hqSpec is platform-independent. There are hundreds of products and components that can perform some or most functions within a Data Management system, and an army of consultants to arrange them. hqSpec focuses above the level of implementation and answers the central question of design: What, exactly, should we build?

hqSpec is how some of the world’s biggest institutions have guaranteed that the DM system they built was the one they actually needed.