What if you could automate a manual test script faster than you can run one?

hqTest can support any Data Management testing requirement, whether your organizational goal is to provide simple workbench testing at the developer level, or full-blown Continuous Delivery with automated regression testing at every level from units of code to system integration.

hqTest: Test Anything, From Anywhere

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hqTest is an enterprise-grade software testing methodology aimed at the unique challenges presented by Data Management systems:

  • DM processes are massively parallel, often transforming hundreds of data elements across millions of rows with a single execution. hqTest can handle process inputs and outputs of any complexity, and help you diagnose breaks with pinpoint precision!
  • DM data can take any form: text or XML files, database tables, or queued messages, just to name a few. Whatever form your data takes at any point in your data pipeline, hqTest can set your test up, execute it, and seamlessly visualize the result!
  • DM processes cross multiple execution contexts… but hqTest doesn’t care. hqTest can exercise any process, across any system boundary, at scopes ranging from simple unit tests to complex integration testing, all within a single testing paradigm!

hqTest is fully implemented on the hqTools platform, providing the following capabilities to any appropriately authorized user, from any web browser, anywhere in your organization:

  • Author tests that invoke any accessible process, consuming data from any accessible source, involving executions on and data transfers between any number of accessible systems, with validation criteria of any complexity.
  • Organize tests, and share them with other users for recombination into suites of tests that reflect shared functionality and support automated batch execution.
  • Execute tests and suites from any network location within multiple, distinctly configured environments.
  • Integrate automated regression testing with your Source Control and Continuous Delivery processes, bringing to bear the full power of hqTest from the command line. Exercise your entire code base in hours or minutes instead of weeks!

hqTest can support any DM testing requirement, whether your organizational goal is to provide simple workbench testing at the developer level, or full-blown Continuous Delivery with automated regression testing at every level from units of code to system integration.

TDD in Data Management

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a software development process that relies on the repetition of a very short development cycle: requirements are turned into specific test cases, and then the software is improved just enough to pass the new tests. TDD is the prototypical test-first methodology: application code only gets written after its absence causes a test to fail.

Compared against test-last methodologies, TDD offers numerous benefits to a software development organization. These include:

  • Higher-quality code deployed into production with fewer defects.
  • Higher modularity of design and guaranteed testability of every unit of code.
  • Comprehensive, automated regression testing.
  • Reduced total cost of system ownership.

As projects scale ever upward in scope and complexity, the benefits of even a partial application of TDD methodologies can spell the difference between project success and disaster. But applying the full formalism of TDD in an enterprise context is not a trivial undertaking. It requires commitment and discipline on the part of the enterprise, as well as strong tooling support.

Tooling is the critical factor: if TDD is easy and inexpensive to implement, then there is a strong business case to be made for an organizational commitment to it. If existing TDD tooling is inadequate to the task, then no amount of philosophical alignment will carry the argument for TDD, and its benefits will remain out of reach.

In Data Management, even mid-sized projects rival in complexity the efforts that sent men to the Moon. Three-quarters of all DM projects undertaken fail to meet their own success criteria, largely due to the effects of this complexity. But in DM, Test-Driven Development is virtually unheard of, because tooling sufficient to support TDD in the DM context has simply never existed… Until now.

hqTest enables full-fledged Test-Driven Development in Data Management.

How can your organization exploit hqTest?

  • Download hqTestLite, the open-source, PowerShell-based implementation of hqTest. hqTestLite encapsulates the exact same testing methodology as hqTest, minus the fancy user interface and some of the more advanced enterprise features. hqTestLite completely supports command-line test execution and integration with any Continuous Delivery platform.
  • Purchase hqTools! hqTest is fully integrated into the hqTools platform, providing a rich user experience and unmatched testing capability from any web browser in your organization. hqTools is priced for the entire Data Management marketplace, and seat management is aggressively fair: assign seats across your organization and pay only for those actively in use!